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avi· a· trix | \ˌā-vē-ˈā-triks

A woman who is an aviator; a pilot

In 1908, Thérèse Peltier became the first woman to fly solo in a heavier-than-air craft.  Hundreds of women followed her footsteps and entered the new world of aviation, defying convention and setting record after record. They were air-racers, barnstormers, heroines and adventurers, and they changed the way we look at aviation forever.

Founded in the same spirit that made aviatrices such pioneers, Aviatrix Communications is here to help airports and aviation companies perform their own incredible feats of outreach and engagement. We’re fearless and cutting-edge, award-winning and capable. We believe that the aviation industry is a new adventure every day, and can’t wait to use our enthusiasm and our experience to help you share your organization’s positive impact on your community.


Public Relations

Get the coverage you want with Aviatrix Communications’ strategic approach to media and public relations.

Aviation Marketing

Celebrating a new route? Sharing information about a new terminal? Our team is here to amplify your messages.


Proposal Development

We’ve used our expertise to craft client Request for Proposals and also to write winning responses.


Content Creation

Aviatrix Communications can provide website copy, press releases, social media posts, newsletter articles and so much more.

Website Development

Whether you’re looking to refresh an existing site with new text or design from the ground up, our expert staff is here to help.

Social Media Training

We’ve trained airports across the country on social media best practices, and can help your staff, too.

Crisis Communications

In aviation, it’s not if a crisis will occur, but when. Be sure your team knows how to react during an emergency by scheduling a crisis communications training.

Event Coordination

Our staff knows how to throw a party, even in a place as logistically complex as an airport. Let us help you celebrate.

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