For the latest look at clever airport marketing tactics, look north to Hamilton International Airport (YHM). The airport serves the Ontario region, with year-round service to six Canadian destinations and a dozen seasonal destinations throughout North America.

The airport, along with its partner, The Laundry Design Works, have come up with a delicious way for travelers to “chews” their next nonstop destination: gumballs. For 25 cents, passengers can buy a gumball from the tube of their choice, using their quarter to vote for the next flight they’d like to see from YHM.


gumball machine

On each of their three social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), the airport shared, “Insert a quarter into our new giant gumball machine and ‘chews’ which destination you’d like to go to next from Hamilton International Airport 😉 Special shout out to The Laundry Design Works for our custom fixture!”

It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s immanently Instagrammable. It’s also anecdotal evidence that may be used in helping the airport develop their pitches to airlines. Most importantly, they used a pun, which makes it a win in our book.