Video and Radio Samples

In addition to the variety of creative material shared in the City of Colorado Springs’ bid response, Aviatrix Communications has also helped develop and produce videos and radio spots. Please see below for recent examples of our work.


San Luis Obispo Airport Holidays Video

Air travelers were conflicted about participating in family holidays during a global pandemic, but the San Luis Obispo airport had implemented multiple health and safety measures to protect its passengers and employees. Aviatrix Communications developed a multifaceted educational campaign to help reassure travelers about the safety and convenience of using their local airport. This video was produced in conjunction with a local television station, and Aviatrix Communications’ support included script writing, model selection, editing, and promotion.


San Luis Obispo to Portland Radio

Alaska Airlines expanded quickly in San Luis Obispo, and it was essential that the region’s travelers know about the new nonstop destinations from their airport. Aviatrix Communications created a robust campaign for SBP-PDX service, including this :30 radio spot.


SBD Start Close Travel Far

In 2022, and for the first time in the airport’s 30-year history, the San Bernardino International Airport announced it was providing commercial airline service. Aviatrix Communications developed an extensive educational campaign to let residents know that they could now use SBD as a gateway to the world. The campaign included traditional and digital media, including this advertisement for streaming music services.


San Luis Obispo to Las Vegas Radio

Contour Airlines was a newcomer to the Central Coast, and the community needed to understand what made the airline’s services so special. As part of a larger promotional campaign, Aviatrix Communications wrote this radio spot to get travelers excited to fly Contour Airlines nonstop from San Luis Obispo to Las Vegas.