Aviatrix Communications partner Red CANARY has been making videos in the Central California region for years. The full-service studio has worked with a variety of high-profile public agency clients, and while each video’s tone may alternate from formal to playful, inspirational to informative, all are beautifully done.


San Luis Obispo Airport New Terminal Video

With a desire to help build public excitement and tell the story of the new San Luis Obispo Airport terminal, Red CANARY Productions produced a video for Visitor TV that was shown online and at the former SBP terminal. The video features documentary-style interviews and behind-the-scenes construction footage of the beautiful new terminal. 


Ventura County Coast Promo

The Ventura Count Coast area has much to offer but often gets overshadowed by the counties surrounding it. Red CANARY produced this video in conjunction with Verdin Marketing to highlight the vast array of activities available to Ventura County Coast visitors. The video creatively features a live performance of a local Ventura musical trio, while showing off a wide demographic enjoying the area. 


Cal Poly Alumni Video

Red CANARY has produced close to 40 video stories of honored Cal Poly alumni over the past four years. The videos have featured alumni such as NASA Astronaut Victor Glover; Tim Geistlinger, inventor of Beyond Beef; Tammy Kiely, a partner at Goldman Sachs; and Kevin Falls, the head writer for the hit NBC show This is Us. The videos feature documentary-style interviews and elegant b-roll footage to tell a compelling story.


SLO County Sheriff Zombie Apocalypse TV Commercial

The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department had the goal of becoming the most disaster-prepared county in the nation. The problem was that no one wants to watch boring public service announcement commercials. Teaming with Verdin Marketing, Red CANARY produced a series of award-winning PSAs that got the public’s attention and provided the necessary information. The videos used everything from zombies, aliens, tri-tip tornados, teleportation, and cat and dog rainstorms to help make these serious messages easier to remember.